The Beach Book

It is a hot weekday afternoon. Summer greets me through hazy heat. I drink in the aroma of tropical sunscreen as it dances on my skin. Rubbed in. Not rubbed in. White semi translucent smears overlay my freckled skin. Glistening.

Grace Kelly’s sun hat adorns my head. 

The sand is hot. Hot like the seat of my car. Hot, hot, hot! Its grainy presence greets me as my flip flops flick up sand. 

I am by the water’s edge now. Water bubbling. Seashells shifting. Wind gently sweeps grains of sand with seafoam. Seagulls chatter in the distance as waves crash toward the shore. 

Here is my haven.

My beach book greets me, thin and gentle. With each page turning I squint through dark glasses. Glare. Shifting to meet shade in the painted sails of my umbrella I’m greeted with its cooling caress. Then, contently, the world escapes me save for gulls and waves. I am there. Wrapped up in words on pages. Wrapped up in distant journeys on distant shores.

D GRANT 2022

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After spending January doing Bloganuary I wanted to give myself a daily prompt. My friend shared how she was going to the beach to read a book. Could I capture the feel of going to the beach and reading a book. Here we go!

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