Bloganuary 30 – Me as a Eucalypt

In Australia, when bushfires hit Eucalypts get burnt to a cinder and don’t die. The Eucalypt has evolved as a species so well that after a few months new leaves begin to bloom through their blackened trunks. They are evergreens. They are survivors. They have adapted to fire over millions of years. Through each fire they propagate. A fascinating species.

The Story of our Eucalypts – Australian Academy of Science

How I am Like a Eucalypt

I live in Australia. I have had to evolve cause I can’t get around like I used to. I adapt to my changing environment. I don’t give up. I might find things a real challenge for a bit but honey I ain’t dead yet! I’m a survivor.

Flowering Eucalypt

8 thoughts on “Bloganuary 30 – Me as a Eucalypt

    • I’ve watched them burn across the Blue Mountains years ago. I volunteered at the shelter at the time. It was so intense. People crying and beside themselves cause they wernt sure if they had lost everything. Very surreal and sad.

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