Bloganuary 29 – Disabled Foodie

How am I changing my little chunk of the world? I’m exploring accessible places to dine one restaurant at a time. I share my finds on Instagram. Heres why we need this.

It can be challenging not being able to get to the loo. Last night I was at a restaurant. Apparently accessible. I went to go to the toilet only to find  there were stairs. Oh hell I’m busting! 

I asked the restaurant about accessible toilets.  “Oh just go across the road”, they say.

My eyes roll. People just don’t join the dots. One persons ‘just across the road’ is a disabled persons ‘go down the block til you can cross at the lights. After you have crossed come back up the other side the road til you are opposite the restaurant.

Still busting to go! On my mobility scooter I make the journey.

So how am I changing my little chunk of the world? I’m exploring accessible places one restaurant at a time. Some people with mobility issues can’t walk. Others can’t walk up and down stairs. Even walking a short distance is really scary and time consuming. Let alone with a full bladder.

Here is an Instagram account I set up a few years ago. A work in progress.

Well thats it for me. It’s the disabled foodie signing off for now.

4 thoughts on “Bloganuary 29 – Disabled Foodie

  1. I understand ! I understand ! I have been there, although only for twelve weeks, confined to a wheelchair while an injury healed. I learned a lot. The saying ” you really do not know a person’s troubles until you have traveled in their shoe” in this case wheelchair, and mine was not motorized. Keep up the good work.

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    • OMG that would be super difficult though. Non motorized are so hard to push.
      Thank you. I get the feeling people like me don’t bother going out. They put it in their too hard basket. Thanks for your encouragement.


      • I gained upper body strength…lol. I let the manager of one place know the restroom was unavailable to me, response “it meets the code”. I did tell one manager at a cafe that the glass on the bathroom door was not good for wheelchairs, and he covered it with a decorative metal plate. I had a friend who invented a cart to be pulled by horses, that people in wheelchairs could get in and lock it down and able to drive the horse.

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