Bloganuary 25 – Test the water

Jumping into the pool can be risky but if you have already tested the water you can jump right in knowing exactly what to expect.

Know thy enemy and know thyself” – General Sun Tzu – Art of War

I love a bit of a laugh. It leaves you wide open though. 99% of the time things go swimmingly. It’s that 1% where your soft underbelly is exposed.

You know what I mean. It’s that person with a hidden agenda. You welcome them into your world no questions asked. When you realise they are not what they seem you kick yourself that you didn’t see it sooner. That’s no fun.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing the truth of a situation makes me feel strong. I am practical. I get annoyed when I see people trying to pull a fast one. Really? Don’t insult my intelligence! There is no doormat at this address.

Wow! I sound just like my father. I guess he never suffered fools.

Day 25 Write about something
that makes you feel strong

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