Bloganuary 24 – Redback Spider nightmare

My arm was in a fibreglass cast. Something was moving round in there. I could feel it. What was it? Gross…I had to tear it off!

I pulled it quickly off. It was a bunch of redbacks spiders. Some were really big and others were small. I was dancing around the kitchen floor and freaking out throwing them off. I was making sure I hadn’t been bitten and stamping out a few in the floor as I searched for the fly spray. 

Odd dream? Not really. I get the association.

I used to live on a farm. Red back spiders always managed to get into places they didn’t belong. They are highly venomous. They can easily kill a child and can make an adult extremely sick. As such I have a respectful fear of Redback spiders.

Truth is this dream was me worried about catching Covid. I had been very stressed the day before with the locally rising numbers. Worried to the stage that I had cancelled my plans to attend a big birthday party in the city. It was just too risky. My partner went though.

So when I woke up and went into the kitchen I bypassed the flyspray in the cupboard. I grabbed disinfectant spray instead. I covered the floor and cabinets with it. Better safe than sorry.

Ok, maybe a tad paranoid and I laugh about it now but at the time I felt the urgency to follow my gut instinct.

Day 24 – A dream you remember

5 thoughts on “Bloganuary 24 – Redback Spider nightmare

    • Well SA does have beautiful countryside! I used to live on property on the edge of the Blue Mountains in NSW. While there are still Redbacks in the heart of Sydney on the farm they were just everywhere.


  1. Well, in your dream you were trapped inside a plaster cast with a deadly spider, but you managed to pull off the cast and very quickly. It would seem that while you are worried about your ability to battle Covid, your subconscious might well be trying to tell you that you do absolutely have the resources. 🙂

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