Let the bite of the sun etch my skin in ruddy pinkness

I don’t know if my body has the strength to fight once again. So I’m taking in all the beauty that is around me and etching each scene into my memory ‘like there is no tomorrow’. So many holidays I took for granted. Not this holiday. Who knows when we will be in lockdown again. I want nice memories to draw on in the darkness of days. Full of colour, of taste, and of smell.

Glimpses of my holiday. The overgrown track to the beach. A dingo trying to feast on some leftover bait on the beach. The lack of curb and guttering on the streets where the grass, sand, and tar meet as uncertain surfaces. Laughing at the lack of internet reception where you drive along streets until you get a signal. Then the sultry nights where streetlights are rarely seen and cicadas deafen you. Yes etching in those memories and taking ‘happy snaps’.

Then, let the bite of the sun etch my skin in ruddy pinkness. For once all is ‘done and dusted’ I will sit back on the journey home and wonder. I will wonder and worry about things that are to come. Not like any previous holiday. Let the suns burn distract me.

Phrase or Saying

  • Like there is no tomorrow – (UK) do it alot
  • Happy snaps – photographs
  • Done and dusted – (UK) finished and completed

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