#art – Make a pen sketch pop on your phone

My last art post had me frustrated with using colour pencil on paper. You try to rub off the colour pencil and bits of paper can come away as well. This led me to explore free apps that I can use to play around with colour without it affecting my originals.

Today I am using the paint palette in photos of my Samsung phone. Then uses effects on InFrame app at Google play. Heaps to choose from. Playful fun.

original pic
  1. Take a black and white pen drawing on your phone. Square is easiest.
  2. Open the palette tool in photo editor and add colour. I used the highlighter version so that it is a bit translucent. I coloured in a couple of sections digitally and did a swirl in purple over the top.
  3. Open InFrame app
  4. Played around with the effects. I only chose a few. I have reversed the colour so the black stands out. I then chose the circle shape.
  5. Share to your phone when you are done or straight onto Insta. I went in to the photo editor again to make the colours look heaps stronger. Very strong motif. Nice to play with colour without the original being anything other than black and white.

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