Long paragraphs do my head in

Just the best email layout unpacked! Long paragraphs ‘do my head in’. I tend to scroll so this is layout is a gamechanger. When I worked as a student adviser for Moodle courses ‘this was the go’. Here is the gist of it.

  1. Header
  2. Dot points
  3. Dot points with details
  4. Terms and conditions

The beauty of this methodology is that it can be more inclusive. I’m not going to ‘bang on about it’ here cause I read via my mobile alot of the time.

Too much text just gets boring.

Detailed header The header needs to be ‘short and sweet’ but not so people will think of it as spam. Make it targetted to the receiver. As a student they need to know that the email is worth opening and not some marketing pitch.

Dot points of main areas The dot points let them  know if there is anything of interest. They don’t need to waste time on the details. Students learning online often are stretched for time as they juggle work and study. Make that journey more streamlined.

Dot points with details This is what I am doing here. When they get to this section they can relish in ‘all the bells and whistles’. Put logical hyperlinks and pics here to keep your reader engaged with what they are interested in. 

Please note – that not all students will trust a hyperlink. Sometimes it is best to not have it linked to your text. Show the raw link so they can decide whether it is trustworthy.

Detailed disclaimer The last point is the ‘legalese’. We used that term all the time to ‘keep things short and sweet’. Essentially it is all the terms and conditions to ‘cover our backs’. Generally written by a professional. Well ours always was.

You rarely needed to use this but there will always be some ‘bright spark’ out there that ‘knows how to work the system’ and essentially ‘want something for nothing’.

Oh sorry getting a bit cynical there. 99.9% of students ‘play the game’. Do their course and ‘pass with flying colours’.

Not sure how doing targetted emails plays out on WordPress so think I will give it a go at some stage

What do you think?


  • Does my head in – (UK) frustrating
  • This was the go – how things were done
  • Bang on about it – rave on and not get to the point
  • Short and sweet – short and succinct
  • All the bells and whistles – not just the basics. Everything attractive.
  • Cover our backs – avoid blame or responsibility
  • Some bright spark – (Australia) in this sentence it is being used sarcastically. Usually means someone that is clever. Here I am saying that they are clever in trying to get out of doing things
  • Knows how to work the system – exploit something to their advantage
  • Want something for nothing – (UK) want something for little or no effort
  • Play the game – (UK) do what the guidelines say. Conform to the rules and customs
  • Pass with flying colours – (USA) Relates to flags on ships flying to show victory when they return home. Wow I didnt even know that origin. Fascinating!

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