Back in the nick of time

I just got ‘back in the nick of time’ today. I’d been ‘galavanting around’ the local cafes trying to find a coffee brand that ‘piqued my interest’. Eventually I ‘set up shop’ in a local art cafe. I grabbed a coffee and a bit of cake, and sat and ‘watched the world pass by’. Cool jazz played in the background as the sound of the coffee machine deafened the barista. Still, ’twas good coffee even if future hearing aids may be required!

Eventually I meandered back home with the ‘sun on my back’ and a ‘song in my heart’. 

Almost home I saw storm clouds gathering above. Pedestrians hurried to find shelter. Thunder roared in the sky. Would I make it home in time?

‘Home safe and sound’ I sat and looked out the window. It was just ‘pissing down’. I’d ‘missed it by the skin of my teeth’!

Dezzie 2021

True story. That was me this week. There are so many cafes near where I live and I am still trying them all out. Including the sayings today made it a bit fun too.

Phrase/Saying and origin

  • back in the nick of time – back just in time (UK 1500’s)
  • galavanting around – roaming around for pleasure (UK 1800’s)
  • piqued my interest – I was interested (France 1500’s)
  • set up shop – to be at the one place for a while (UK 1500’s)
  • watched the world pass by – watching people going passed
  • sun on my back – feeling good like a bright sunny day
  • song in my heart – feeling great (USA 1920’s)
  • home safe and sound – home safely (UK 1400’s)
  • pissing down – raining heavily. Very descriptive but it is slang so choose who you say it to. To ‘piss’ is to urinate.
  • by the skin of my teeth – just got there in time so wasn’t affected (Land of Uz – Book of Job 7 – 4BCE…ie really old!)
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