#Art: Bright Painting – Create with 4 colors

(with audio)

The idea

The thumbnail was created in 2001. The painting in 2002. I used acrylic paint to get lovely bold colours. These are the 4 colours;

  • White
  • Daisy Yellow
  • Rose Madder
  • Phalo Blue

For this work it would be Matisse brand cause they have background paint colours I like.

Planning Your Canvas

I use charcoal to get the main large shapes first so I know where the background paint will go. Use the stick charcoal. I like the willow sticks as they almost dust off. I didn’t want any heavy residue to discolour the paint.

Background Paint

I planned the main background elements of the canvas first. I used Matisse White and Daisy Yellow background paint. The aim here is to stop things getting fiddly later on.

Once the background paint is thoroughly dry. Use the willow charcoal to draw in the main design over the top. I can easily blow off the charcoal as I paint on the colour.

Main Colours

Aside from the yellow and white there is the blue called Phthalocyanine or Phalo. A great colour. Just add a slight amount of water and you can get all kinds of semi transparent effects. The pink is Rose Madder. Just add a bit of white to keep it fresh.  You’ll find the orange bits are a blend of the Rose Madder and Daisy Yellow. The green a combination of the Phalo Blue and Daisy Yellow. I haven’t used black at all in this piece it just seems like it in some spots.


Scumbling – This is where you get a dry brush, put a tiny amount of paint on it and almost scrub a part of your canvas so it picks up a hint of that colour. You can see the Phalo Blue that has been scumbled across the top on the white.

Tie in colour and shape – This is how I paint. Tie in the design across the work using hints of colour or shapes from other parts to a lesser degree. The yellow line on the vase down the right and on the fern tie in with the ‘wallpaper’ The pink on the vase ties in with the flowers. The bold flowers and then a hint of flowers in my Daisy Yellow wallpaper using the Phalo Blue…you get the picture.

I shared earlier about how to go about selling art at a cafe (click here). This was one of the artworks sold. The cafe was at a beach suburb so the colours are bright and bold and fun.

Well that’s it for today.

Bright Painting with 4 Colours – Dee Grant

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