Ep 3: #Job Hunt – Twist of Fate

(with audio) Previously it was The Blow In. Now the saga continues! So I was hightailing it back to Sydney. A 10 hour straight trip in my not so reliable car. Cruising along hour after hour. Day turns to night. Civilisation to bush, and we’ve got a heck of alot of bush around here!

It was the middle of the night. No street lights now. Then the headlights dim. Then they dim again. I blinked a few times hoping I was dreaming. Nope, there it was again!

Oh, I was seriously freaking out. I turned off the radio to see if that would help. Then did what any self respecting person in their right mind would do. I prayed. A frantic prayer with heart racing, blood pumping, and adrenaline rushing through my veins. You know what it’s like when you can’t think straight and your mind is reeling. You see mobile phones didn’t exist. It was the middle of the night and I was alone ‘in the back of Woop Woop’. 

Twist of fate

Obviously I’m here to tell the story and ‘by some twist of fate’ I made it back. I made it back with a new alternator and after spending the night sleeping in my car at a ‘country servo’. ‘You can bet your bottom dollar’ that ‘I kissed the ground’ when I arrived back in Sydney.

Yeah but hang on girl, I said to myself, you are still seriously unemployed and what can you ‘pull out of your hat’ to change that outcome moving forward?

I didn’t have an expectation now after so many knock backs. I wasn’t sure how long I would (sarcastically) ‘be riding this wave’. I’d just have to ‘slog this one out’.

Make the Call

So I sat down with a cup of tea and a phone book, cause they had those in that day. I started calling businesses. I got; no, no, no, no. And after a few days of no, ‘blow me down’, an art shop said that they were thinking of training someone up into a role. I went for that interview and got a job. Ah 🙂 long days working in an art shop when you’re an artist. Now that’s something to write home about! 

Photo by Bruno Cantuária from Pexels


Twist of Fate – Dream Job – ArtandIdioms Storyteller 2020

Phrase or Idiom

  • Out the back of Woop Woop – Middle of nowhere (Australian)
  • By some twist of fate – Happens by chance
  • You can bet your bottom dollar – Convinced it will happen
  • County Servo – Service station/Petrol Station
  • I kissed the ground – Paying homage. Appreciate that you have arrived safely.
  • Pull out of your hat – Suddenly produce something to solve a problem. Comes from the idea of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
  • Riding this wave – Interesting moment or period of time. In this instance I am speaking with irony/sarcasm. So the opposite definition is what I mean. You can hear this in my voice in the audio version.
  • Slog this one out – Work very hard until an outcome is reached.
  • Blow me down – Surprised
  • Now that’s something to write home about – Something exceptional that you achieve so you want to let everyone know.

Apologies about the audio today. Having issues with the recording cause it’s a public holiday so lots of competing noise.

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