#Art – Guitar as muse

If you’ve been following my posts you will see that art is my thing. I didn’t get dad’s excellence in music. That’s OK. It took a couple of years though to come to that conclusion.

I was given my first guitar by a flatmate of mine years ago. I felt like ‘the cats pyjamas’. The thing was I really didn’t have a clue. D A G was about the size of it. I was strumming while ’round the campfire or impressing my young nephew with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I am even horrified to admit I took said guitar on a holiday to India. My poor fellow travellers. 

Cringe factor aside what the experience did show me is that I love guitars. They’re very cool. They can be your muse.

The first guitar, gifted by my flatmate, was done in oil pastel on paper and is in my portfolio on the left. It’s really rather large and A1 in size (image 1) It would be the most accurate of my collection of guitars. There are another 3 in the mix in image one too. I had a play around in Photoshop years ago and got a couple of other versions (image 2). 

I love the next one. I sold this at an exhibition in the early 2000’s. I love bright colours and strong bold lines. It is so me! The final one (image 4) is part of my smaller acrylic on board works. I thought the tambourine and dove was a bit hippy in this one.

Artwork Dee Grant all rights reserved

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