#Art – Absentminded Creations

Let your doodles be your inspiration.

When I was a kid in primary school you would get the ruler over your knuckles for being left handed. I was left handed. I was constantly drawing in the margin of my school books so lots of rapped knuckles! School wasn’t my finest hour but it didn’t stop my doodling. If anything I found solace there.

Don’t let your creations go to waste. Take your first step in turning doodles into artworks that you can proudly sell and display.

  • Collect your doodles in a scrapbook.
  • When you run out of ideas go through your doodle scrapbooks.
  • Don’t expect work you produce to be your usual style.

Works that emanate from my scrapbook doodles tend to have bold lines and a different feel from my other works. Almost comical. It was going down this pathway that I became known as the Coogee Picasso.

Here are some examples. Both these works have been exhibited with my sleeper selling on opening night.

  1. Artwork based on doodle (36) – Seabreeze – 2003 – Dee Grant
  2. Artwork based on doodle (34) – Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – 2003 – Dee Grant
  3. Page from one of my doodle scrapbooks.

D Grant – All rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “#Art – Absentminded Creations

  1. Interestingly the left side of the brain controls the right hand; while the right side of the brain controls the left hand.

    Being left or right handed shows which side of the brain is dominate in that individual.

    I once had a teacher who claimed that he was “Right Minded” because he was left handed.


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