#Poetry – Blood Sucking Monsters

I read today that mozzies love sweat, smells of floral, and beer...you bet. If water hangs 'round more than a week. There'll be out by the hundreds. The outlook is bleak!

Cause they’ll get you at sunset or sunrise if they can. They’ll breed in still water a saucepan or pan. Bet your sick of them buzzing and biting. It’s shite! So how can you stop those bites in the night.

If your aircon drips water when its working away, drop in oil or vinegar or empty that tray. Put wet sand round your plants if you must use a saucer, no bird baths or dog bowls if that water gets older. You don’t want it stagnant and hanging around,  keep it moving and fresh or they’ll feel safe and sound. Then there’s herbs, and nets, and bug spray you bet. Potions old potions new, you’d think we’d be set.

Those blood sucking monsters won’t see no reason, there still licking their lips as they wait for that season.


Sick of hitting you head as you try to swat that mozzie? I love putting facts to rhyme so I thought I’d throw this one together. They say there is a mosquito plague in Sydney at the moment so ‘fat chance’ I’ll get it sorted with so many apartments next to me. ‘Not sure it will make a scrap of difference’ but I guess it’s ‘worth a crack’.


Phrase meaning

  • Fat chance – Not much chance
  • Not sure it will make a scrap of difference – Not sure it will make any difference
  • Worth a crack – Worth trying

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