#Art – Disorganised Motif

This is an attempt at putting photo’s of my art in the one place. I went old school. You will laugh when you see the disorganised mess I made of things. But I got there in the end. 

The amount of art work is significant and spans some 30 years.

I started at the back putting in works from my art college days

Choosing the portfolio type

I imported a portfolio from the U.K for this. The ones available in Australia just weren’t what I wanted. They were set up for scrapbooking. Instead, the one I chose was black and square. It had a ribbon so that I could tie it all together. Once all the photo’s were in it got rather bulky.

Deciding on a focus

I chose an historical viewpoint. I have over 30 years of memories here.  I decided to start at the back with art college. Then progressively move to the front to to now. That’s alot of pictures. I didn’t include doodles, recent sketches, or postmodern works. That made the work flow better.

Save your photos to print

I had photo’s some on computer and some not. Older photo’s were grainy so I went quite small on some. I printed mine at Officeworks. I find that if you are there you can look at each picture to make sure the colour is right. Only you know what they looked like originally.

Work from the back

Work from the back and move forward to the present.

Be Organised (Well unfortunately I don’t think I pulled that one off!)

  1. Have art of a similar vintage together.
  2. Cut your photo’s with a trimmer not scissors as is more precise.
  3. Map out the pages within that vintage.
  4. Have some pages not exactly like. You don’t want everything to look the same.
  5. Be careful if you use glue that it dries and sticks OK. In retrospect I would have gone for the sticky dots.
Child – Pencil on Paper – Dee Grant – 1990

art, Dee Grant art

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