#Poetry – Urban Symphony

When I was at uni as an undergrad we did alot of work with found sound. It was very trendy and contemporary at the time. We’d find tunnels to tape the echo. We’d hook up electronics under mats so foot falls would be picked up as people walked over. We then combined our sounds in an app to get truly unique sound scores. These are the sounds I heard today.

If you listen closely on the breeze you’ll hear all different sounds. I hear some cars. I hear a plane, a helicopter goes round.

Meanwhile a constant hum of traffic from a bridge close by, blends with an echoed honking as a boat sends out it’s cry.

There’s the chinking sound of broken glass much like a drummer’s score, blends with a chair someone upstairs just dragged across the floor. 

This is my urban symphony. Each has a role to play. This is my urban symphony. It is my everyday.


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