#Art – Vintage Kitchen – Aluminium Teapot

Another artefact from the beach shack up the coast.

I like to sketch big most of the time. You can come undone if you don’t plan your space properly. This is one area that you can see with this sketch on the top left. Plan before you produce. Leave 2-3 cm around the edge so if you do decide to frame it there is some breathing space for your eye.

Another bit of nostalgia from the beach shack.

Aluminium Teapot – Ink and Pencil on Paper – 1999 – Dee Grant

Back in the day tea was more popular than coffee in Australia. I remember these teapots. They used to have a tea cosy on them so that the tea stayed hot. A tea cosy is like a beanie that you put on your head. A beanie for your teapot.

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