Sea full of bloggers

Blogger dear blogger please listen to me cause we’re all shouting out “come look at me”. Your hard thought out writing can get lost at sea, a sea full of bloggers looking for that key.

Cause to read and comprehend your blog takes me ages. I feel like I’m reading your thesis, it goes on for pages! Now you may have some niche I should seek to learn more, but when you won’t get to the point it is such a bore. So keep it short or link it through I earnestly implore, please give me the space to choose what to explore.


I’m guilty of writing long blogs too. I don’t mind reading a long blog but if you don’t have me interested in the first couple of paragraphs why not put a read more in. That way we can choose to continue reading. I like reading John Manders post on Egyptology at the moment. He mixes it up with some quirky illustrations along the way.  

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2 thoughts on “Sea full of bloggers

  1. hmmm… I often find myself thinking TL:DR when I click on open a long post and then close it. But I’ve also had a friend say he wanted “to scoop his eyes out with a spoon” about something I wrote which he considered too long. 😀 So I guess it’s subjective.

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