#Art – Vintage Kitchen – Toaster

Found old appliances on holidays up the coast at the in-laws beach shack. I remember this style of toaster. It wasnt automatic. You opened each side holding the black handle to put your bread in. It toasted one side. You then opened it again to turn the bread around to toast the other side. So old school. It made the best crumpets.

That cord was removable. Look at the size of it. It was good though cause you could pull it out and then shake out the bread crumbs in the garden.


  • Appliance – A thing that helps with household tasks. Some examples: toaster, electric jug, blender.
  • Beach shack – A type of small house. Usually people speak of a beach shack with fondness in Australia. It would be very small, would have old furniture, and be easy to clean out the sand.
  • Toast – Cook bread so it looks brown and crunchy
  • Crumpet – Similar to toast but much thicker. People eat crumpets much like toast with butter and jam or honey.
Tiffany Toaster – Pencil on Paper – 2019 – Dee Grant

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