#Poetry – It’s So Hot

Strong memories flood back of lightening strikes and storms, when there was no air-conditioning and sweltering was the norm.  I remember being small and watching tar melt on the road, as I’d peer through the heat haze and slap on sunscreen by the loads.

So here we are again today it just topped 104 degrees, I wish I had an air-con or a fan on so I could breathe. My feet are now so swollen and my hands are just so hot, can’t risk opening up the windows or it’ll be a hotter spot.

Tonight I wish I’d dream of cool air upon my face, but suspect I’ll toss and turn due to it’s hot relentless pace. Tomorrow I’ll look with tired eyes for this heatwave to ease, and open up the window for a cool refreshing breeze. 


This weekend is very hot. While Sydney can get hot that doesn’t mean that everyone has an air-conditioner. Most people flock to the beach, pool or other swimming hole to stay cool. With the pandemic the carpark at Bondi Beach was closed by mid morning as they didn’t want too many people at the beach. So I think that there are those, just like me, that shut their windows tight, put on a fan, and stayed inside drinking plenty of water. Yes, summers just a few days away!

Photo by Athena on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “#Poetry – It’s So Hot

  1. Here I Georgia fall is upon us winter on its way. It is 50 degrees here in Bremem this morning as i write this while walking outside. I’d gladly trade you some of this cold air for some of your warm air if I could. 😎

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