#Poetry – Cusp of summer

I love a good summer it's a signature event. 
We watch Bondi Rescue and hang near the air vent. 
It's an Australian way of life much like barbies and beer, 
but on the cusp of summer you may well need to fear. 

Cause there's nothing reliable when you're in this space. 
One day hot then it's cold. It's all over the place. 
You pack up the doona given it's November and all, 
and then shiver and shake as you walk up the hall.

Now don't get me wrong cause we're getting well prepared, 
the sunnies are out and no thought has been spared. 
We've checked that the beach gear is right to go, 
and the weather more reliable...shouldn't be a mo. 

Day light saving kicks in so a bit of a lurk, 
you can go for a swim once you get home from work. 
In the meantime have that brollie and doona at hand, 
cause you don't know what's coming...in this great southern land.

D Grant 2020

This is todays little rhyme. On the cusp of summer Sydney goes through these topsy turvy days. One week with icy blasts from the south pole, thunder storms, rain. Today it's hot and humid with a warm wind. 
Photo by Larry Snickers on Pexels.com

Photo of Bondi Beach by Larry Snickers from PexelsPeople Running in to the Water

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