#Poetry – Through the eye of the storm

During these pandemic days I feel a certain synergy with this piece. You can feel like there’s little we can contribute but still these days it’s all hands on deck as we try. Looking forward to safer shores. Stay safe everyone.

Upon a stormy shattered glass sea a mighty ship does toss and reel, a mighty vessel, a voyagers worthy steed. Safety through the eye of a storm.

Though she may lurch upon each crest and furrow as she proceeds, hope is found within her bow, sure passage through lightening skies and stormy seas. 

Sails are tied, sagged and sodden, a useless skin. Remembers better days, of fair trade winds and balmy nights.

And men like ants cast shortened shouts upon a wind lashed deck, working through the deafening squall, earning the captains deep respect.

Then as calm skies and fair trade winds replace it’s mighty roar, the storm disperses and they sail on to safer shores.


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