A parade of beach umbrellas

It’s a ‘cracka of a day’ today. The sun’s shining and there’s a brisk breeze blowing lightly across the water. Spring’s just a week away. I’m sitting here telling off a couple of seagulls intent on sharing my lunch. Oh that’s so mean I say to myself, surely you’ll give them a ‘tasty morsel’? Yeah well I’m not so sure. That’s because I can see a bunch of them huddled on the wharf to get away from that chilly breeze. If I give them even a hint there’s free food it’s ‘every man for himself’. They’ll come flying over squawking and arguing with each other which will just ‘do my head in’.

I love being at this small coastal town. It is a place of natural beauty. It’s still one of those small towns where the focus is on relaxing with nature rather than going to the movies or shopping. There’s ‘bugger all’ shops here so absolutely no temptation. Today I am by the river. Its a lazy day watching the sun sparkling on the water. Boats bob up and down on their moorings, and the bushland stretches along the waterway until it hits clear blue sky. There’s a bunch of black swans taking advantage of the low tide as they fossick among the sandbanks.

My husband and I have been coming up from Sydney ‘off and on’ with our friends since some of the kids were ‘little tackers’. It’s a pretty relaxed lifestyle here. Well that’s until the school holidays. On the holidays ‘every man and his dog’ decides to ‘set up shop’. Then you’ll see a parade of beach umbrellas scattered along the sandy beach. In the bay there’ll be recreational fishermen all out on their boats. Then there’s a regular treat as pods of dolphins leap out of the water much to the delight of tourists.

Sometimes we would cruise up to the river and go water skiing on the lakes. When, if you got there early enough, the water would be like glass without a single ripple. Now that’s a great time to water ski. I remember the squeals of joy when the kids would get on the donut attached to the back of the speed boat we used to have. What a treat. So many fond memories. ‘Don’t think this place will ever grow old’, well ‘not in my books’.

D GRANT 2020

Idiom or phrase meaning

  • Cracka of a day – great weather
  • Tasty morsel – a small piece of nice tasting food
  • Every man for himself – not looking out for anyone else
  • Do my head in – annoying me
  • Bugger all – not many, only a few
  • Off and on – not regularly
  • Little tackers – children, generally under 10
  • Out of nowhere – appear all of a sudden
  • Every man and his dog – various people from all walks of life
  • Set up shop – settle in
  • Dont think this place will ever grow old – will never tire of the place, will always like
  • Not in my books – that’s what I think

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