Now that would get my goat

I’ll do my best not to ‘chicken out’ of this challenge.

This blog has been created after an Italian friend of mine wanted to know about phrases to do with animals. Her favourite is ‘the cats pyjamas’ which is about feeling like the ‘bees knees’. The phrase hails back to Jazz happening in the 1920’s in America, that’s around about the same time pyjamas became a trendy thing. They used to say that you were ‘a cool cat’ back then. I guess it’s a blend from there. Maybe that’s where we get the word ‘cool’ from today. While that’s a tad American that’s what seems to happen in Australia. There are a blend of idioms and phrases from here, there, and everywhere that we use.
If the ‘cat’s got your tongue’ then you’d be having trouble getting your words out. If you ‘can’t swing a cat around in it’ then your room must be very small. Your not literally swinging the cat thank goodness. Poor cat! If you were that would really ‘get my goat’. But I kinda feel sorry for chickens too cause if your freaking out you’re ‘running around like a chook with its head chopped off’.
Now you might think I’m a ‘bit of a galah’ but these phrases are fairly common. While they are common they are not used this much in a conversation. You wouldn’t think so when you read some of my posts. Guess I’m just ‘pig headed’ and ‘don’t give a hoot’ about opinions so am being a bit of a ‘show pony’ instead.
So remember, people might just think your ‘silly as a cut snake’ if you blurt them out with the frequency I am. If you want an excuse just tell them your ‘horsing around’. Otherwise just ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ and use them occasionally because you don’t want that ‘monkey on your back’! ‘Because how much can a koala bear?’
D GRANT 2020
Idiom or phrase meaning
  • Chicken out – not game to do what you say you will
  • The cats pyjamas – the best, highly sought after
  • Bees knees – the best, highly sought after
  • Cool cat – cool, fantastic
  • Here, there, and everywhere – from everywhere
  • Cat’s got your tongue – lost for words, can’t think what to say
  • Can’t swing a cat around in it – tiny space
  • Get my goat – annoy me
  • Kinda – kind of, a bit like
  • Running around like a chook with its head chopped off – anxious and fretful
  • Bit of a galah – silly, bit of a larrikin but not always making the right choices
  • Pig headed – stubborn
  • Don’t give a hoot- don’t care (an owl hoots)
  • Show pony – showing off
  • Silly as a cut snake – silly
  • Blurt – say without thinking
  • Horsing around – mucking around, having fun
  • Let sleeping dogs lie – leave things alone.
  • Monkey on your back – be your problem (this one is visual)
  • Because how much can a koala bear? – Because how much can you tolerate? (This is meant to be a question so always say it this way)

ESL Level – Advanced

Painting Dee Grant – Acrylic on canvas digitized – 2014

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