#True Story – Just what the doctor ordered – Family, food, & friendly banter

You don’t realise that you need a bit of family in your life until you don’t get to ‘hang out with’ them. I had been feeling a bit of a pariah with my mum of late. I ‘love her to death’ but she just won’t let me visit her. That bad cold she had three weeks ago just kept hanging around and around. I kinda twigged something wasn’t quite right. Things were ‘a bit out of kilter’. So a couple of days ago I called again hoping to catch up. The bad cold was a bit better now she says but don’t come over. Then she ‘drops a bombshell’. Well probably in retrospect I should have figured it out. She shared that she didn’t want me around in case she catches something. I get it. I understand. This damned pandemic is a scary thing and the truth is she’s ‘no spring chicken’.  Truth is I miss not seeing my family in these strange days. I was a bit glum about the whole thing until today I got ‘the fix’ that I needed.

My mother-in-law is an excellent cook and host. We were invited for Sunday lunch with a couple of the uncles and aunts. We shared stories around the table of what cousin so and so did, or what scam we had almost gotten conned by lately. Friendly banter went around that table ‘like clockwork’. It was so interesting hearing about those that have come before us and the antics they had gotten up to.

Catching up for Sunday lunch with my mother-in-law was ‘just what the doctor ordered’!

Idiom/Phrase meaning

  • Hang out with – spend time with someone
  • Love her to death – love her very much
  • Kinda – kind of, a bit like
  • A bit out of kilter – a bit askew, not quite right
  • Drops a bombshell – make an unexpected confession
  • No spring chicken – no longer  young, old
  • The fix – something desired or craved
  • Like clockwork – reliable
  • Just what the doctor ordered – helps you feel better

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